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CDs and IRAs
Personal Banking CDs and IRAs

Peace of Mind for Your Financial Future.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) will let you know exactly what the return on your investment will be. When you want a set rate of return or confidence that your funds are insured, a CD may be right for you. Select from a wide range of CD terms for your short- or long-term savings and retirement goals.

CDs are available in terms from seven days to five years. You can earn fixed rates on simple interest or interest compounded quarterly, depending upon the certificate you choose.

Certificates require the following minimum deposits:
7-day: $10,000; 91-day: $7,500; 6-month: $5,000; 1-5 year: $500

Certificates maturing in less than one year pay interest at maturity

Certificates maturing in one year or greater compound interest quarterly

Interest may be withdrawn at any time on all certificates without penalty; however, the withdrawal will affect the annual percentage yield (APY)

CDARS® service available to receive FDIC insurance coverage on balances that exceed FDIC insured limits. See your CSR for details

Penalties are imposed for early withdrawal of principal on any certificate

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

For many, achieving financial security through retirement is the ultimate goal. Athens Federal offers Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) as tax-deferred savings options designed to help you gain peace of mind about your financial future. Your earnings are tax-deferred until withdrawals are made from your IRA account - please consult your tax advisor for guidelines and additional information. All IRAs are subject to IRS Regulations.

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Stephanie McCall, Customer Service Representative (Athens)

It's never too early (or late) to start preparing for your financial future. We can help you develop a plan that works for you—now and later.