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EMV or Chip-Enabled Debit Cards FAQs

What is a chip card?

The card is like your regular credit or debit card, except your card number, name and other account information is on a very secure microchip - making it virtually impossible for fraudsters to counterfeit your card.

Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?

Your new card uses a microchip to provide greater security. Chip cards, now the global standard used around the world, are being introduced to give consumers more protection against fraud and theft.

Why are chip cards safer?

The embedded chip in your new card generates a unique, one-time code required to approve each transaction. This "dynamic" code makes it virtually impossible for fraudsters to copy or counterfeit your card. While magnetic stripe cards offer protection from unauthorized use of your card or account information, chip offers a new layer of security.

Will I be charged for this new chip card feature?

There are no extra costs or fees associated with your new chip card. Likewise, there are no changes to the card terms.

Where can I use my chip card?

Merchants across the U.S. are beginning to accept chip card transactions. Your chip card will still work at terminals where only magnetic stripe transactions are accepted. If you are not sure the terminal is chip-enabled, start by swiping your card as you do today. The terminal will tell you to insert your chip card if it is chip-ready.

How do I use my chip card?

Simply insert (or "dip") your card face up in the terminal and leave the card there while the transaction is processed. To complete your transaction, follow the prompts on the terminal.

Will my new card have a new card number?

Yes, your chip card will have a new card number. Your existing PIN will not work with your new card and a new assigned PIN will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days of receiving your new card. Once you activate the card and receive your assigned PIN, you may change your PIN at any ATM located at an Athens Federal branch.

If ACH payments or bill pay accounts were associated with your prior card number, please update those payees with your new card number.

Have additional questions about EMV or chip-enabled debit cards?
Contact your customer service representative at 1-800-526-3572 or at any local branch.