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Online Financial Management
Electronic Banking Online Financial Management

My Finance: Track, Plan and Execute Your Financial Goals

My Finance Online Financial Management automatically aggregates online or offline accounts from AFCB and other institutions, categorizes financial transactions, tracks spending habits and savings goals, maintains budgeting information, and presents user-defined alerts via your preferred communication method.

This comprehensive solution enables both personal and small business customers to easily access accounts, offers the ability to obtain information about accounts held at other financial institutions, and provides the ability to view and manage the data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Select the "My Finance" tab in Online Banking to start tracking, planning and executing your financial goals.

My Finance Online Financial Management from Athens Federal:

  • Allows you to access and aggregate online or offline accounts from other institutions and view and manage the combined data in one easy-to-interpret dashboard.
  • Provides personal and small-business accounts with superior budgeting functionality, internal and external account aggregation, and state-of-the-art categorization features.
  • Enables you to sort transactions into groups and determine how your finances are allocated in each area.
  • Uses simple drag-and-drop functionality that provides the ability to regroup transactions in an intuitive way for your individual needs.
  • Helps you establish financial goals such as vacation funds and college funds, and manage your budgets accordingly.
  • Offers the MoneyMinder tool, which assesses your financial status and helps evaluate spending decisions against overall financial plans.
  • Enables you to establish alerts that can be delivered via your preferred communication method.
  • Uses the CashEdge AllData solution to aggregate data from more than 12,000 sources, including banks, credit unions, investments, retirement, insurance, credit cards, mortgages and annuities.