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Person-to-Person Payments ... Pay Anyone Quickly and Securely
Resources Person-to-Person Payments ... Pay Anyone Quickly and Securely

Like many people, you may not be in the habit of carrying cash. With credit and debit cards and online bill pay, why bother? But, how do you pay the sitter, landscaper, or even repay a friend for lunch?

Person-to-person (P2P) payments are secure cash transfers between friends, family members or service providers, and eliminate the need to carry checks, find an ATM for cash or visit third-party websites to send money. You can send money as easily as you send email or text messages and you do not need to receive a bill from the person you want to pay.

Send money to anyone you know, using only their name and email address or mobile phone number. Once you initiate the payment, the recipient will receive a notification to use the online or mobile service to input their bank account information and routing number to accept the transfer of funds. The recipient does not need to have an account with the sender's bank to receive the payment. In addition, the account details are never shared so you and the recipient maintain the security of your private information.

Athens Federal P2P payment is available through Online Banking and the AFCB app. It provides you with a way to quickly and easily initiate person-to-person payments. You can send money securely and conveniently – all you need is the email address or mobile phone number of your friends and family.


Download the AFCB Mobile App and start using P2P to pay anyone, anytime.