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Preparing for College? Remember These Financial Tools
Resources Preparing for College? Remember These Financial Tools

Among the books, paper, pens, towels and sheets your college-bound student takes to school, remember to tuck in money-management essentials, too.

Your Checklist

Success at college encompasses more than academic prowess. It also requires that students handle more personal responsibilities, including their finances. To help ensure that your student is ready for life on their own, use this checklist before they leave home.

  • Checking and savings accounts with debit card access – Your student will have a greater need for their checking and savings account when they go off to college. The good news is they can use their Athens Federal checking account at school. With an Athens Federal debit card, your student can access cash with ATMs and make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

Be sure your student understands the importance of carefully tracking withdrawals, purchases and deposits to prevent overdrawing their account.

  • Online and Mobile banking – One of the easiest ways to manage finances and track transactions is for your student to use online or mobile banking. Both will give your student 24/7 access to track their account balances and transactions. Plus, with the Athens Federal Mobile App, they can even deposit checks to their account using their smartphone or tablet.
  • A budget – Take the time to work with your student to estimate their out-of-pocket expenses and income for a semester. Then help them create a spending plan. Have your student write down their expenses for the first few weeks. You then can compare those expenses against their budget and your student can adjust the budget to ensure they won’t be out of money in a few months.

Ready to Go

Your Athens Federal customer service representative can provide a variety of personal financial solutions to help you and your student weather the financial demands of college. Plus, you will have 24/7 access to customer support, so you’ll never feel like you're completely on your own.


Transfer Funds
Long distance? No problem. With online and mobile banking from Athens Federal, transfer funds from your account to your college student across town or across the country.