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eNotifications FAQ
Resources eNotifications FAQ

eNotifications FAQ

How do I enroll for eNotifications?

You must have an AFCB Online Banking account and active email address to enroll for eNotifications.

You may sign up for eNotifications directly from your online bank account: 

Log into your online bank account

Select "eNotifications" at the top of the screen

Scroll to "Sign Up/Changes"

Check the box to "Enroll All Available Accounts ..." or select accounts to enroll by checking the box next to each account you would like to enroll in eNotifications

How current is online statement information?

When you connect to AFCB online, you will receive information on all of your account activity for the last 90 days. The online information is current as of the last posting day and displays all activity conducted through the bank such as electronic deposits and cleared checks, in addition to debit card and ATM activity.

Will I still receive a monthly statement?

Yes, unless you enroll for eNotifications (electronic statements and notices) directly from your Online Banking account. Simply select the "eNotifications" tab in Online Banking to enroll.

I am having trouble printing my eNotifications - what can I do?

We recommend that you download the most recent version of Adobe Reader to access and/or print your eNotifications. Click here to download the most current version of Adobe Reader for free. For best results when printing your eNofications, please select "fit" instead of "actual size" under the size options on your print screen.

How many months of acccount statements are stored in Online Banking?

When you enroll for eNotifications, you will have one-touch access to the past 16 months of account statements in Online Banking.

Have additional questions about eNotifications? Contact your customer service representative at 1-800-526-3572 or at any local branch.