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SMS Guardian FAQ
Resources SMS Guardian FAQ

SMS Guardian FAQ

Are there security features in place to protect cardholder information?

Full cardholder information is not included in SMS Guardian text messages. The service is compliant with information security regulations.

What happens if I don't reply to a text?

Nothing.  If no confirmed fraud response is received from you, the text message will time  out after 12 hours.

Can I receive a text alert and a call from a Fraud Center representative?

Yes, because these are two different products that protect you from debit card fraud, so if a transaction is suspected to be fraudulent by our Fraud Center, you may receive your typical SMS Guardian text and a call from a representative.

Will the text appear to be from SMS Guardian or Athens Federal?

The text will reference “Guardian” as the sender and will  also include Athens Federal’s short name  (AFCB). Once you receive a message, we recommend that you save the number from which the message is received in your phone’s contacts as “AFCB Card Alerts” or something similar that you will recognize as a legitimate sender.

If I respond "NO ..." to a text, how long will it take to block the card?

SMS Guardian’s incoming text messages are placed in the highest priority queue in the Fraud Center. Responses are reviewed and blocks are placed as soon as possible.

Can I set the service to not disturb me during certain periods of time?

Yes,  you may enable the “Do Not Disturb” option for a specific period of time (up to  12 hours) and alerts will not be sent.  When the time period is over, text alerts will be sent, including any created during the “Do Not Disturb” window. “Do Not Disturb” can be enabled during the enrollment process or from your account "Preferences" tab.

Will I receive a renewal notification when my enrollment is expiring?

Yes,  a renewal notification will be sent to the device six days prior to expiration. Three renewal text message attempts will be made before the device is set to expire. If the cardholder does not respond, the device will be removed from SMS Guardian upon expiration.

Can I transfer funds or view my account balance using SMS Guardian?

No, SMS Guardian is used only to alert you about card activity and possible fraud.

Please enroll in Athens Federal Mobile Banking to manage your account from your mobile device – simply log into your online account at >> Click  Options >> Mobile Settings >> Mobile  Web Settings and follow the prompts on the screen to enroll.

Have additional questions about SMS Guardian? Contact your customer service representative at 1-800-526-3572 or at any local branch.